Schulman Professional Search, Ltd. ("SPS") is a national legal recruiting firm with offices in Chicago. The team at SPS has a vast array of experience in all aspects of the legal market. Collectively, the SPS team has over 50 years experience with legal recruiting – both as outside legal recruiters and internally at law firms –  and over 25 years practicing law in law firms and corporations.

SPS prides itself on being more than just a legal search firm. SPS provides a wide variety of services to attorneys, law firms, and corporations – services that are not provided at every legal recruiting firm. The services SPS provides can be broken down into three categories: consultation, acquisition, and recruitment.

As consultants, SPS works with law firms looking to expand their practices. SPS works with firms looking to expand in markets in which they already exist through mergers and acquisitions and in markets in which they do not yet have a presence. The team at SPS understands good partnerships, and works very hard to ensure that the needs of each particular client are being met. SPS' goal is the establishment of long-term, productive relationships. If a client or a candidate has a question, SPS will provide the answer.

Our process starts with an assessment of your requirements, hiring goals and expectations. In short, an all-out effort to gain a precise understanding of what kind of candidates would satisfy your needs and add value to your organization. Then the search begins. After intense pre-screening and deliberation you are presented with a targeted pool of candidates that precisely fit your needs and expectations.

For most clients, the timetable for a search is "the sooner the better." And our process applies full attention to expediting your search. Throughout the recruiting process, you are kept up to date on the status of the search, including the candidate's assessment of the initial and subsequent interviews.

SPS recognizes that every organization has its own unique culture. Its own philosophy. Its own legal needs. SPS knows that one size does not fit all in the legal market, and that the only way to understand what a client needs is to understand who a client is.

Over the past eleven years, Mark Schulman and SPS have helped facilitate some of the largest mergers and acquisitions of law firms in Chicago.

In early 2006, SPS helped Polsinelli Shalton Welte Suelthaus PC, a premier Kansas City firm, acquire Nashar & Shea LLC , a Chicago-based corporate, finance and real-estate firm. Polsinelli thus became the only Kansas City firm with an office in Chicago.

In May 2007, SPS assisted with the merger of Thompson Coburn LLP, a leading St. Louis based firm, with Fagel & Haber LLC, a Chicago-based full-service firm, thus creating one of the Midwest's leading law firms.

In July 2008, SPS facilitated the merger of Husch Blackwell Sanders with Welsh & Katz, creating a strong, full service national firm, with superior depth and breadth in intellectual property law.

SPS is a facilitator in the recruiting process – not just a vendor, or a source for resumes. SPS prides itself on its ability to accurately assess a client's need and find the right candidate to satisfy that need. SPS is discriminating when it comes to representation. SPS does not represent every candidate that walks in the door. When a client receives a resume from SPS, that client is assured that the candidate meets SPS' high standards. Moreover, the team at SPS works very hard to ensure that each candidate is an appropriate fit with each firm. Our recruiters understand the pressures and nuances of practicing law and how important it is to match the right candidate with the right environment. When SPS sends a resume to a client, it is because they are confident there is a fit.

Furthermore, SPS recognizes that during the recruiting process it is important to keep the information flowing, and that both clients and candidates need reinforcement. SPS knows what candidates and clients need to know, and provides both parties with all pertinent information.

For example, candidates want to know:

Clients want to know:

SPS's goal is to create long term partnerships with its clients. There are many options available for recruiting legal talent, and Schulman Professional Search wants to earn the privilege of being your first option. Let Schulman Professional Search put its knowledge and experience to work for you.